Billy Fury Bronze Statue Move

Billy Fury Statue move

The Bronze Billy Fury statue moved from the courtyard of the Museum of Liverpool Life to it’s permanent position beside the Piermaster’s House.

On the day of the Statue move, Mags Cummings took Jean and Albert to watch the move having only found out about it that morning. She rushed from Poynton to Jean’s then to Albie’s and we found Billy’s Statue hanging from the low loader. It was very interesting and drew a small crowd.

The woman in the check coat is Janet Dugdale, Director of Museums at National Museums Liverpool. She is responsible for the collections and curatorial teams of the museums and other buildings on the waterfront at the Canning Graving Docks.

Mags picked up some roses on the way so Jean could be the first to put something on the new plinth. What A Lovely Lady.

We hope you enjoy this Billy Fury Bronze statue history.